Thursday, 25 October 2007

03: The Science of love

"The Science of love." This is the expression saint Thérèse of Lisieux used to speak about a needed "science" for every human being. This science is not indeed "optional". It is the only one we need on earth to learn and to practice.
What is this science? The science of love: tell me what to do in order to love God and be loved by Him. It looks easy, simple, but it is not.
To love, is to receive the Love God wants to give us. If he died on the Cross it is because He loved you, He loved me. And to love means "to give himself" to you, to me.
What am I supposed to do in order to receive His love! This is the science.

Icon Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Doctor of the Church, Carmelite nuns of Lebanon

"Spiritual Theology" or "Mysticism" is this Science. It tells us what we are supposed to do in order to receive the Love of God. It tells us then what will happen, step by step. It tells us that God wants us to be united with Him. So the Union with God, with Jesus is one of the main teachings of this Science.
It tells us too what God will do, what are the steps of the transformation He wants to realise in us.
It is fascinating: this Science shows you the real Goal of life on earth (to reach Union with Jesus and to reach the fullness of Love (charity)), it shows us the stages, the steps to reach that point, and it gives us the means to reach it, and also it teaches us how to discern if we are in the right path.
Indeed it is the most important science in life.

This science deserves researchers, students, teachers... means, because it is so fascinating, thrilling, and it gives you the meaning of life on earth: it offers you the experience of God.

What do you think of that?