Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Intermediate Course: “Bible and Daily Spiritual life”

to my friend I say everything” (see John 15:15)

Lecturer: Jean Khoury

September-October 2014 : 4 Saturdays

Since 2007 many people in London have been attending the First Level Course, "Initiation into Spiritual Life". As a result, many have been encouraged to use their Bible more fervently and to practise Lectio Divina. However, support is still needed as finding "food" in the Bible is not an easy task. This is why the "Intermediate 1 Course" is about deepening the relationship between the "Bible" and our "Spiritual Life": in a word, it aims at helping us view the Bible as the source of our daily nourishment.

What makes this course unique is, first, the choice of topics (important, "juicy" and rarely addressed topics) and, secondly, relating them to our Spiritual Life! As always, Our Lady continues to lead us on our journey.

A Certificate will be awarded to all those who attend the entire four days.

The dates are: Sat 27th Sept, Sat 4th Oct, Sat 18th Oct, Sat 25th Oct, from 10.00 am to 4:30 pm. Venue: St Mary of the Angels Parish hall, Moorhouse Road, W2 5DJ, Notting Hill. Spaces are limited for this course. The cost is £ 25.00 per day. Should there be any places remaining, we can accept those who did not follow the First Level Course.
To secure your place, a non-refundable deposit of £ 50.00 should be paid by cheque or bank transfer. Please send an email or call to confirm payment. Email: or call 07908513762.

The Topics are:

1st Saturday:
Structure and meaning of the Gospel in relation to our Spiritual Life.
Reading and analysing essential and fundamental texts from the Gospel in relation to our spiritual life.

2nd Saturday:
The relationship between the Theory of Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and our spiritual life. Explanation of the action of God in the human author and its practical consequences for us.
The new prophetical life inaugurated by Jesus for every human being: God makes of us a friend and wants to talk to us.
The practical meaning and the fruitfulness of this new prophetism.

3rd Saturday:
Exegetical questions: the Holy Spirit Exegete of the Bible; the intelligence of the Scriptures in the Fathers of the Church; the example of the Fathers of the Church; the relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament; exegetical Rules for our spiritual life.
The Bible is the soul of God's Revelation to us, and is a treasure whose riches we can draw upon on a daily basis. Practical advice.

4th Saturday:
Difficulties when confronting an archaic text, a different language and culture. What is to be done with "modern" exegesis?
The Bible: doubt, power, pleasure and possession.

Looking forward to seeing you. Continuing the Journey toward Union with Jesus, lead by His Mother.

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