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A book: The Spiritual Journey

This is a book that came out in 2003, sold only during the Courses in London:

The Setting for Christian Hope

Presentation of the book:

The Spiritual Journey, the Setting for Christian Hope is a milestone not only in Spiritual Theology, but more broadly for Christianity. Comprehending the full picture of the Spiritual Journey is essential for each Christian who receives Jesus’ call to follow Him. Having a clearer vision of Jesus as our Way in our call to holiness, allows us to embark with confidence in Jesus- the-Way and daily renew our act of Hope.

The author shares the fruit of his long research in Spiritual Theology, doing so with clarity, in accessible language, based on Jesus’ life and journey. A new understanding of the Gospel emerges, both convincing and captivating. The Journey of following Jesus can then start.

No Christian who prays or who loves Jesus and longs for the Holy Spirit can ignore this teaching.

“The more God wants to give, the more He makes us desire it.”
(St. John of the Cross, Letter XI, 8/7/1589)

“Oh it is incredible how all my hopes have been realised.
When I was reading St John of the Cross,
I beseeched God to realise in me what he says [...].”
(St. Thérèse de Lisieux, Yellow notebook, n°9 31/08/1897) 

The Spiritual Journey – reader’s review.

Upon emerging from the depth of Jean Khoury’s ‘The Spiritual Journey – the setting for Christian hope’, I became acutely aware of how vague and poorly defined much of my Christian thinking and practice had been to date.

‘The Spiritual Journey’ sets before its reader an account of the Christian ‘raison d’etre’ in a lucid, accessible way and, under the most capable and inspirational guidance of its author, we embark upon a journey of transformation.

Jean details the extraordinary meaning of our faith and – most importantly -  points us towards our true goal and the means by which to achieve it. He defines and illuminates the pathway to holiness (on this earth) setting down distinct milestones by which to chart our progress as we follow in Christ’s footsteps.

By drawing together the essential strands of Christian practice (prayer, the Eucharist, Lectio Divina, sacrifice, charity) with rich reference to the Scriptures and writings of the saints, Jean sheds a new, brilliant light on the real meaning of the Christian call to faith.

The work is uncompromising and highly challenging, demanding a radical shift in the reader’s  perception of what it actually means to follow Christ in everyday life.

It is essential, valuable reading for any Christian who wants to move beyond a lukewarm, pedestrian practice to embrace Jesus in His entirety and reap the rewards of God’s love for us on this earth.

M. K.

"I cannot thank you enough for this book which gives us a clear view of our spiritual journey. I am blown away to learn of this second stage of the spiritual journey about this "weight of love". Its beyond me to think there is so much more than I would have imagined after "acquisition of the Holy Spirit". The diagrams have been extremely useful in helping understand your text. I think it is necessary to re-read them a few times as there is so much depth in them!"

R. B.
  Here are the links to the different chapters of the book:

 6- The Spiritual Journey (Diagram 4)
 8- The Spiritual Journey (Diagram 5)
 9- The Spiritual Journey (Diagram 6)
10- The Spiritual Journey (Diagram 7)
11- The Descent (Diagram 8)
15- The Complete Journey (Diagram 11)

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