Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Book: The Foundations of Spiritual Life, according to St Teresa of Avila

Just to announce the publishing of the new book, in both formats, Paperback and eBook:

"The Foundations of Spiritual Life, according to St Teresa of Avila",
by Jean Khoury, 123 pages.

You can find it here for the Paperback (USA) Paperback (UK) and here for the eBook format (USA) and eBook (UK). 

From the Cover of the Book:

The Book presents in one volume the core elements of the teaching of St Teresa of Avila in
a highly approachable manner.
St Teresa is a great Master of the Spiritual Life, a Prophet sent by God five centuries ago, a Light that is capable of offering pertinent guidance for the Church.
The author follows St Teresa from within, in her personal relationship with the Risen Lord, revealing the secrets of her teaching and the fruitful way for a living spiritual life that leads to fullness.
St Teresa emerges from this presentation under a new light, capable of inspiring us today.
Formation in Spiritual Life is a very important field in the Church, and it is based on a healthy practical and living Spiritual Theology. The author shows us how St Teresa is capable of renewing these vital areas in the Church.
The book also takes us through the various aspects of the Prayer of the Heart, showing us the ups and downs that can occur. Not only does the author deal with these difficulties, but he does so in a detailed and lively manner.
His approach is of inestimable value in the formation of adult Christians, and indeed in the evangelisation of the Church.

Here are the Chapters of the book:
  • St Teresa of Avila's Important Dates     5
  • Her books     7
  • 1- Is Mysticism for Everybody?     9
  • 2- St. Teresa's Conversion; the meaning of her life     17
  • 3- Christ the Groom     25
  • 4- The Way of Contemplative Prayer     31
  • 5- The Particular Help of the Grace of God     37
  • 6- The Supernatural     43
  • 7- Finding the Correct Path in the Spiritual Life     51
  • 8- Mapping Spiritual Life     57
  • 9- The Movement of Contemplative Prayer     61
  • 10- The Necessity of Mental Prayer     67
  • 11- Humility     73 
  • 12- Detachment     79 
  • 13- Fraternal Charity     85 
  • 14- God's Entrepreneur     91 
  • 15- Evangelisation     99 
  • 16- Teresa's Heritage     111 
  • Conclusion     121

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