Friday, 26 January 2018

Paperback Book on the Spiritual Journey

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"The Spiritual Journey, the Setting  for Christian Hope" is a milestone not only in Spiritual Theology, but more broadly for Christianity. Comprehending the full picture of the Spiritual Journey is essential for each Christian who receives Jesus’ call to follow Him. Having a clearer vision of Jesus as our Way in our call to holiness, allows us to embark with confidence in Jesus-the-Way and daily renew our act of Hope.
The author shares the fruit of his long research in Spiritual Theology, doing so with clarity, in accessible language, based on Jesus’ life and journey. A new understanding of the Gospel emerges, both convincing and captivating. The Journey of following Jesus can then start.
No Christian who prays or who loves Jesus and longs for the Holy Spirit can ignore this teaching.

This new edition has been revised and augmented. It has a new second part added to it.

Paperback from Amazon US, from Amazon UK

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