Friday, 23 March 2018

Newsletter of The School of Mary March 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters of the School of Mary,

During his spare time Jean has had us all very much in his thoughts as the following announcement concerning the School’s Website ( will show. Some new and exciting additions have been made and the Menu re-vamped with the aim of supporting members in their spiritual journey, and especially to fill in any gaps that we personally might feel need to be looked at.

You are invited, accordingly, to consider the following aspects of the site which might be of interest. On the Main Menu you have the following sections that contain the additions:

COURSES: In the ‘Courses’ section, a Table containing the entire Three-Year-Formation Plan is found, detailing all the different courses on offer online (recorded videos) with links to the leaflets outlining each course. This will facilitate your ability to assess what you yourself might have left out or need. Easy access will also help you to advertise these courses to friends, as the site now allows there to be Online Formation. For those who want to follow any online video course, please email us (

A series of short videos on Lectio Divina (34+ videos) has been released and is available for free. See the new Lectio Divina Playlist on the same ‘Videos’ webpage.

ARTICLES: In the ‘Articles’ section, the number of articles has been increased and new sections added, such as, articles on the ‘Call to Holiness’, ‘Christian Contemplation’, and a wealth of articles on Lectio Divina and Prayer of the Heart.

BOOKS: In the ‘Books’ section, further written support has been provided by hardcopy publications which can be easily accessed online on Amazon through the appropriate link, for example: ‘Lectio Divina at the School of Mary’ or the revised and augmented ‘The Spiritual Journey’.

We hope that these improvements to the School’s Website will encourage and support everyone as we continue on our spiritual journey. Let us also remember Jean in our prayers as he continues to write his PhD thesis. In the near future Jean expects to be able to give us a talk on the subject of his thesis so far, which talks about the stages of the Spiritual Life.

May Our Blessed Mother ever guide us and pray that we grow in our relationship with her Divine Son, and so give honour and glory to the Lord on High. May She guide us in the coming days through the Passion, sufferings, death and resurrection of Her Son. In the spirit of the School of Mary may we draw closer to Her in prayer, during the crucial hours between 3pm on Good Friday and the early hours of Sunday, when alone, She undergoes the great battle to hold firmly onto the promise of Her Son that He will rise.

The School of Mary team

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