Thursday, 17 January 2013

Do you have a guardian Angel? 1/2

(The following is taken from the eBook: "Seven letters from your Angel" please see the link here)
Why a book on angels? Is it necessary to write one more book on angels? Knowledge of Angels, Experience and Discernment can always grow. Angels are so important in our lives that to know them better, by having more discernment of their presence and their help can completely transform us.
They are our friends. They look out for us and care for us. They are so close to us that missing the opportunity to communicate with them is quite sad. In fact, their presence adds Light, Love and Joy to our lives. They open to us new infinite horizons, and they help us see the meaning of our life and our mission. They are Messengers of Light and Love for us; Transmitters and Channels of the Light and Love that come from above.
Many wonderful books have been written on them, many movies have been made about them. Some traditions can still be explored more and more; their place in spiritual life better explained. We always need to increase our Knowledge, Experience and Discernment about them.
It is so natural to speak about them, or to let them speak. They are our friends, so naturally close to us. They have such a love for us, such a caring love, yet we are the ones who can't imagine how a friendship is possible with them. They want to speak to us but they don't know how to awaken our inner hearing. They are sad to see us without help, lonely and living within such limited horizons. They know that it is often difficult for us to "imagine" the presence of an invisible world, but their world is real, and the experience of it is so close and possible, that they invite people to broaden the Knowledge, Experience and Discernment of them.
An Angel is an invisible friend who is here, close to us, who never leaves us, and who wants to help, to guide and to transmit Light and Love to us.  They are neither the Light nor the Love but rather they are a channel and a servant. They are messengers of Light and Love and the channels that bring to us all that we need from Above. The word "Angel" means "messenger" from the Greek: "Angelos". However, they are beings, a complete and personal being just like you and me, although without a material body as we know it. They have an intelligence, a will and consequently feelings, albeit spiritual feelings so a normal friendship with us on earth is absolutely possible.

Note : In Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other traditions an Angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God. The name given to the them indicates that what counts most is the tasks of the Angels in regard to man: angel (angelus) in fact means "messenger". The Hebrew malak, used in the Old Testament, signifies more precisely "delegate" or "ambassador".
In a way they have a double mysterious capacity; they see and are immersed in the Light and Love whilst at the same time seeing and communicating with us.
This book contains seven letters from our personal Angel. The first seven letters addressed to us from an Angel (be it male or female Angel – you choose which feels more appropriate), to open our eyes to the reality of Angels, to give insight into their world, and to guide us ever closer to new horizons in our lives. Each letter is centred on one specific "light" they are bringing to us. Each letter is a step in our lives that lets us - if we allow it - improve our life, our experience and our discernment. The letters can be read later again and again to deepen, in new circles, the same theme as often we miss things at first reading.
These letters from our Angel are the first step in our Knowledge, Experience and Discernment of Angels. But we must not forget that we are always "beginners" because we are growing, as in spirals, from a beginning to a beginning, in unending starts. So these letters will always be like new propellers that push us toward a new beginning, because we are facing an infinite horizon of Light and Love.
Do not forget: each letter is a personal letter from your Angel to you.
Though it is important not to read more than one letter a day, the attitude with which you receive this message from your Angel is important, because it helps you receive a greater benefit. The choice of the place and the silence surrounding you is important too. Light a candle and sit comfortably.

(From the eBook: "Seven letters from your Angel" please see the link here)

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