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Do you have a guardian Angel? 2/2

(The following is taken from the eBook: "Seven letters from your Angel" please see the link here)
First letter

A Palpable Presence 

My Beloved,

As you see, I start my first letter to you calling you "my Beloved", this is just to open your eyes to the fact that I am somebody who loves you dearly and to whom you mean everything.
Yes, my life is linked to yours as I am destined to be always close to you, to walk the journey of this life with you; to help you, guide you and comfort you; to give you all sorts of help according to your needs of the moment. We are called to walk together, to "grow" together; our destiny is to be together.
Even though I am immersed in the Light and Love of Above and am constantly submerged with heavenly joy; I am continuously with you, I never abandon you, and am here to help you and serve you.
The "smiling angel" (Reims Cathedral)
As you see, my first letter to you has the reassuring title that summarizes my first gift to you: "a 'palpable' presence".
Yes I am "palpable"; my being can communicate with you in several tangible ways. So this is to reassure you that you will not be in the illusion of an abstract speech, you will not be transported to an abstract world through strange experiences (even though the spiritual experience with me will lead to such new horizons). I am here, present for you, very present for you, looking at you with such care and love. I am your closest friend, and it is so natural to be here and communicate. It is as if you have your eyes closed in a room full of sunlight with your best friend close to you; you feel his presence, you know that he is here; he sees you.

I listen to you always; whether you tell me with your voice or only with your thoughts. So this is the first step. I am with you all the time, I hear you, and I see you. I am not indiscreet. I am here when you need me, I respect you.

As I mentioned: my presence is palpable, you too, can hear me. Here are some examples from your daily experience, so you'll realize that we have communicated before, but you didn't know it was me. Very often, in the early morning, when you are still in bed, and you are in a state between sleeping and being awakened, I send you a small luminous message. You may start to notice the first thought, not the subsequent thoughts. The first is pure and comes from me; the impressions that follow are already "immersions" in your day, in your world, in your problems. The very first one is my gift of the day. So don't forget to treasure my first message of the morning and help it give fruits in your day, as the day is the unit of your life. Every day is an entire life.

But I am not here only to give you the first message. I will give you other examples: very often I protected your body from accidents, or from being harmed. You perhaps didn't pay enough attention to my protection, but I am here. And in many ways I even penetrated into your material world, for example the engines you use, electricity, I help when it is necessary. Sometimes I soften sharp effects, so any harm becomes like a message, a warning from me telling you that you are forgetting something, and your balance is broken.

Very often, I also communicated to you my thoughts. Yes, in your head, in your cranial bone you have a "window" on each side: your temples. This is to open the communication with me, so I can communicate to you my thoughts, the light, new ideas, and indications for decisions and new insights. As you see, through your soft skin and brain, I communicate to your mind ideas, thoughts and light. Yes, it is subtle and difficult to make the difference between my thoughts and yours, because we are so close, and you don't have ample awareness of what happens in your mind and how. But you will always notice that my thoughts are new. They don't come from you but rather from an external source. You may notice that very often they come when, after a hard struggle in the darkness, your tensions are released, so that at this point you are ready to receive my light. The effort you made, the struggle you went through, dug a place for the light, so you can hear me and receive my light easily.
Sometimes my warning may appear like "knocking" in your brain, such as when you have a headache; it is just a way to attract your attention, so you would stop any activity and listen to me.
Sometimes I give you a sign of my presence, like for example placing on your path a small feather.
So as you see, we have already spoken and communicated just like two close friends.
My beloved, now that you have a new awareness, we can do more. If you are more attentive to my presence, to the free gift of my constant presence beside you, if you envisage how much I want to help you in your daily life to reach new heights, you will increase your perception, your capacity for communication, and you will feel me more tangibly.
Some people can see their angels or other angels. If this gift is given to you then it is fine - enjoy this help. However it is not necessary to see me. We communicate already, and the normal daily means are given to you. You will always have my thoughts and ideas to help you every day, according to your needs. Now concentrate more on what is already given to you and improve it with higher awareness.

Meditate, take a few minutes to ask for my help to see clearly today’s step. Everyday you can grow. So take a few minutes, concentrate, ask for my help and watch for my guidance, clearly identifying today's true need – the path to follow.
Treat me as your friend; speak to me and then focus on feeling my presence, my love and my help more clearly.

I offer you today and only once, the gift of receiving small (or large) signs of my presence. Ask for three signs and surely I'll bring them to you, so you will doubt my presence no more.
But later, don't keep asking for these signs. Respect, sincerity, and commitment are important. It is not a game; it is a relationship, a friendship. Afterwards you will enjoy many signs of my presence, as they come, like in a dance in nature.

Now one last word of advice: don't hesitate to read again and meditate on this letter. Accordingly you'll be able to extract its substance and have a new start in your life.
Tomorrow, I'll send you my Second Letter. Don't think about it now, receive today's grace, and leave tomorrow for tomorrow.
I am here; I won’t leave you, EVER.
Rejoice in our friendship.
Your Angel
(From the eBook: "Seven letters from your Angel" please see the link here)

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