Friday, 31 October 2014

116: Reenergise Yourself

It is very interesting to see that some psychoanalysts describe the difficulties of souls (depression, neurosis,...) as a drop in energy level or simply a lack of energy. Of course they don't mean physical energy but soul-energy. I will not discuss this position, but I just find it interesting to note the way it is described by psychoanalysts as: a drop or lack of soul-energy. If we are not feeling well, sometimes we say that we don't have the “drive”, or that we have lost the “drive” to do something. In my humble view, often we are not psychologically ill, we are just psychologically undernourished. In certain cases both seem to engender the same results.

What is more striking is the passage from St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians: "Draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty Power" (Ephesians 6:10), where a more literal translation would be: “energise yourselves ”. How? Through the Lord... reconnecting with the Lord.
Prayer is a real connection with the Lord where we receive his Power, his energy, his guidance: the Holy Spirit. Prayer is not optional. Prayer reconnects us with our roots, like the trunk of a tree is reconnected with its roots, in order to receive water (sap). Of course in prayer the motivation is not merely to feel better. When I pray it means I spend time with Jesus, to be with Him, and I do it with purity of intention, for his sake alone.

The connection with Jesus occurs from day one, from the day we reply to Jesus' Call, and start to follow him from close. I don't wait to become united with Jesus in order to draw energy from him. That would be Jesus seen as Goal (Jesus-the-Goal), Jesus accessed in fullness. But from day one, Jesus-the-Way adapts himself to my needs, lowers himself and his way of interacting with me, gives me an adapted food - spiritual milk - so I can grow. He offers his support. I try to remain in contact with him as much as I can. He gives me His Spirit who transforms me, step by step, so I start to switch from being guided by earthly drives to being guided by the Holy Spirit's Drive and Energy. "Draw your dynamism from the Lord and from his mighty Power" (Ephesians 6:10).

Therefore it is very important to connect with Jesus, to receive our Energy and Guidance from Him. If the lamp is not plugged into the mains, no electricity will flow. The same applies in our relationship with Jesus: no light, no love, no drive will flow if we do not connect with Him.

Another image of that "connection" with Jesus: Jesus yearns to gather us “as a hen gathers her brood under her wings”. Imagine yourself like a little chick, under the warm protective wing of Jesus, seen as a hen. This image is very warm, very cuddly. It is impressive to see it used by God himself.

When we are gathered under the warm protective wings of Jesus-Hen, what do we get? Comfort, strength, direction, being centred,... This means that we are called to be as close as this to God - here on earth, we are called to have such a relationship with Jesus.

Is this optional? Isn't it vital? Your energy levels depend on it!

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