Wednesday, 8 October 2014

St Teresa of Avila Centenary (15th October 2014 - 15th October 2015)

Dear Friends,
As you know, this year (15th October 2014 - 15th October 2015) is a very special year, filled with many amazing graces. It is the 5th Centenary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila (28th March 1515).We have just started the preparatory Novena leading to her Feast Day on 15th October.
St Teresa of Avila has a very important place in the School of Mary. She is the main Master who helps us to learn and experience Prayer of the Heart. The richness of her teaching and the understanding she has of human weakness makes her a very close friend, and even a spiritual mother, to each one of us. We would be wise to remember this saying: “he who follows St Teresa will never go astray”.
I am drawing your attention to this because you belong to the School of Mary. Since St Teresa of Avila has a very special place in it, you are then supposed to receive special graces throughout the year. Her Feast is approaching and we are starting the novena that prepares us to receive the special Grace of her Feast. God put in her, for the entire Church, so many treasures of teaching!
I entrust the School of Mary in a special way this year to St Teresa, knowing that she already takes great care of each member. Please do not hesitate to plan your readings throughout this special year. You may concentrate on her three main books: "Autobiography", "Way of Perfection" and "Interior Castle". It is in her books, and also during the Prayer of the heart, that you will find and encounter her.
This is a very special year of renewal and progress for the School of Mary. Amen.
I gratefully count on your prayers
Faithfully, in Mary

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