Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Second Level Course: Initiation into Spiritual Life

London, UK, 2015, Lent Easter. 8 Saturdays, each 6 hours.

The Course explains the necessary teaching regarding a central transition in Spiritual Life: the crossing over of the proficient into a mature spiritual age.

Course Topics 

- General Advice on Topics Linked with the Previous Course: Generosity. Order. Perseverance. Reading. Spiritual Direction. Belonging to the Church. “Union of will” according to St Teresa of Avila (5th Mansions).

- "When God puts his hand"/(When God intervenes): The new stage, its meaning, its parts. "Human mode, divine mode” in the soul. Deep purification.

- The Transition. The Gospel First Witness of the Transition. The Transition in the Old Testament.

- The Transition Described by St John of the Cross. Dark Night of the spirit.

- St Therese of the Child Jesus's Description of the Transition.

- Exponential Growth of our “passion of love” for Jesus.

- “Spiritual Childhood”. “Surrender”. A New Synergy with the Holy Spirit. Role of “Hope” during this stage.

- “Our Lady” in the Dark Night. How do we pray during the Dark Night?

- What is “Contemplation”. God's true Face. Fruits of the Deep Purification: Humility and Obedience.

Here are the videos of Day one:





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